Golf Equipment: Best Golf Irons for Your Money

As the golf season begins to wind down, sales will abound in your local pro shops.  As both an avid golfer and bargain hunter, I will be checking out the deals on clubs.  Of the few golf irons I tried out, all are obviously prime for a swing around the links.  But will a new set will find a home with me?  In no particular order, here are my reviews on the best irons for your buck:

Adams Golf Combo Irons 3,4, 5-PW Graphite

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A well-crafted instrument of golf, these irons are quite impressive.  It is obvious that Adams developed them with the intention of perfecting already existing designs. When it comes to design, Adams Golf Irons impresses with their sleek look and chrome hues. Looks, however, tell only half of the story.

The Adams’ body is forged from carbon steel with strategically placed tungsten inserts that balance the center of gravity that allows for exceptional precision.  These irons have comfort and ease of play in mind, but accuracy is what all golfers strive for.  These irons deliver, hands down.

The Adams irons are a great set of beginner irons which offer exactly what the company intended them to be. I have been using the CB3 for a while now, once again an Adams design, and I have been happy with mine.  Yet maybe it is time for an upgrade….

Callaway Golf X Forged Golf Irons

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Much like the Adams golf irons, these Callaway X Irons are also forged carbon steel, and a few of my friends use them, which sparked my curiosity. Jokingly, one decided to swap our sets for a game to convince me to buy a set.  Or perhaps to mock me for my tried and trusted CB3s.

The difference between the golf irons was that the X Irons hit even lower when I handled them, making for a strange experience.  The ultra-light shaft never felt right to me, as a personal preference.  I have always loved to swing fast; however, the Callaway irons felt too light to me.  I have to admit, though, that if I would choose another set, these would be a very nice alternate.

Callaway X Golf Irons are easy to use and very durable. They are more expensive than the Adams irons, yet they make an excellent investment for up and coming golfers. My overall opinion of the Callaway and Adams Golf irons sets are that both impressed me. I admit, however, to being a fan of the products offered by Adams for a long time now.

Everyone has personal preferences since we all have our different stances and varying levels of skill.  There are plenty of companies out there offering good equivalents: TaylorMade, Cobra, Nike and more. Just take your pick and remember to enjoy yourself out on the green.

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