Golf Accessories: A Practical Guide to the Gear You Actually Need

In becoming a golfer, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the options available in golf equipment. While much is advertised as perfect for both beginning and avid golfers, many items fall short of being ideally suited for setting up your golf gear.  Picking the right pieces of equipment to help you build a solid foundation in golf- the clubs, balls, and bag- is definitely a good start.  But what about golf accessories?   Which ones are actually useful?  Do not spend your hard-earned money on equipment that is not going to offer much help for your game.  Think practical when it comes to golf equipment accessories.  The following certainly are great examples of good, useful golf gear that won’t break the bank.

Golf Accessories: Ball Cleaning Kits

Golf Brush and Club Groove Cleaner

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A golf ball cleaning kit is a great piece of equipment for both beginning and avid golfers. You may be surprised at how messy your golf balls can become on even the most well-groomed golf course. Dirty golf balls may seem like a trivial concern. Surprisingly, clumps of dirt can affect how well the ball flies and how well it rolls. Having a cleaning kit will help improve your game just from an equipment aspect.  It also saves you money because you will not be throwing out your balls after every other game.

Golf Accessories: Golf Umbrellas

Automatic Open Golf Umbrella, Double Canopy Vented 

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A golf umbrella is an important piece of golf equipment. No matter where you play, rain factors not only your game experience, but the upkeep of your equipment as well. Golf clubs cost a decent amount of money.  Protect your investment, rain or shine. No matter what the shaft material is, the likelihood is good that the club heads are not impervious to rust. An umbrella is a minor investment in golf accessories which will repay you the first time you find yourself, and your expensive clubs, in an unexpected cloud burst.

Golf Accessories: Divot Tools

Golf Divot Tool with Pop-up Button & Magnetic Ball Marker 

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Finally, investing in a decent divot tool is a must. For golf accessories, this gear will not help your game play, but golf has always been- and still is- a “gentleman’s sport”. One of the commonly held rules of the green is to repair any damage your ball (or your improving downswing) creates so the next player is not impeded by the dents and clumps you have left behind.

Golf accessories do not have to be practical.  But if you buy the right equipment, it can add years of enjoyment to your game. Do not be distracted by all the fancy golf gear that is available, whether you are new to golf or a pro hitting the links. But with practical and essential golf equipment, you will be in great shape to improve not only your golf score, but keep your golf gear as great as the day you invested in them.

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