Golf Equipment: Best Golf Drivers for Beginner and High Handicap Golfers

Although golf equipment guides throughout the internet rate the overall best golf drivers for the avid player, which golf clubs should make its way into your beginner’s bag? Quality does not always reflect price- or experience, for that matter.  Therefore, we have researched the following options you should consider before making the all-important purchase of your next golf driver.

Importance Of a Driver

Because it has a low amount of loft and is the club with the longest shaft, beginner and recreational golfers find it difficult to use the driver effectively.  However, in golf, a driver has an important place. When you have to really hit the ball, it is the driver that makes it possible. With a large clubhead, a long shaft and the least amount of loft, it makes it possible for the ball to be hit to the farthest.  In fact, many professional golfers have multiple drivers and putters with their one set of irons to score well in the game of golf.

Which Golf Driver Should I Choose?

When purchasing a good driver, there are three essential characteristics that should be considered. They are shaft material, loft, and size and shape of the club head.

Shaft Material​

There are different types of materials that are used, to make the shaft. They are steel, graphite, and Nano fuse. A very basic material, the steel shafts are more resistant and tougher than other materials. Yet for beginners, this is not an ideal choice, as the steel shafts are used more for control and accuracy, not distance.​

A graphite shaft, on the other hand, is good for golf beginners. They are light in weight and give you more power, therefore increasing distance. Even professionals generally use the graphite shaft for its advantages. Nevertheless, these shafts require more care, as wear and tear, water, and dirt will damage graphite clubs more easily.

Nano fuse material is a combination of both the steel and graphite materials.  As it is a newer golf club material, the jury is still out about their performance.


Loft is the angle the clubhead face has, which has a great impact on the distance that the ball travels, as well as the course it takes. Drivers have a low loft angle, averaging 7 to 12 degrees.

Beginners tend to use drivers with more loft to get more distance. Professional players, on the other hand, prefer to use drivers with less loft angle, as they have good control over their swing. Otherwise, there could be too much of a backspin due an advanced player’s powerful swing.  The distance covered could be much less that a driver with less of an angle of loft.

Size And Shape Of The Club Head

​The size of the club head is a major influencing factor. The volume of the drivers is generally between 440 and 460cc. A larger club head has advantages for new players. A straight hit is easily possible and these drivers are more forgiving. Smaller heads are for experienced players who get their swing right and can have more control on the ball.

Most of the driver’s heads are the pear head, round head, square head or an extended back head.  The difference in shapes is seen in the bulge on the surface, which has an effect on the control that the player could have on the club.

Summary: Which Golf Driver is Right for Me?

Every manufacturer has different features incorporated in the drivers.  Before investing in your driver, a few final thoughts you should consider, apart from the above-mentioned main elements. These are:​

  • Custom fitting and movable weights: these give a golfer the ability to adjust launch, spin and shot shape to their handicap.
  • An adjustable loft also proves to be beneficial as you grow in experience.
  • Depending upon whether you want to improve your overall distance or fairway drives, choose the drivers which help you achieve your specific goal.

Recommended Drivers for Beginners and High Handicap Players

Callaway Men’s Big Bertha V Series Driver

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The Callaway Men’s Big Bertha V Series Driver is designed with OptiFitTechnology, so as to provide good speed, and thereby achieving a good distance, too. This is a light club that gives you a better swing. All the design elements are incorporated in such a way that it gives you good speed and covers a good distance. The aerodynamic shape, the lightweight club, and the forged composite material in the crown helps in giving great speed to the ball.​

Callaway Men’s X2 Hot Deep Fairway Wood

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Although technically not a driver, the Callaway X2  is a great alternative for golf beginners who are not quite ready for a driver but want the distance associated with it.  With its Hyper Speed Face, you get faster ball speeds, a larger sweet spot, more forgiveness and insane distance.  Highly engineered, it delivers fast ball speeds on shots hit across the entire face, resulting in longer shots more consistently.

TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Golf Drivers 460cc

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TaylorMade’s M2 golf drivers have a deeper, more active speed pocket to increase flexion and forgiveness across the club face.  This generates high launch, low spin shots to achieve massive distance.  The new M2 also features a 460cc club head and a lightweight aluminum loft sleeve that allows players to adjust loft by +/- 2 degrees to achieve their preferred ball flight. 

TaylorMade Men’s R15 460 Black Driver

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TaylorMade Black Driver is probably one of the Best Drivers present today regarding quality and features. This driver undoubtedly shows how the center of gravity affects a golf club. Here the CG has been moved lower and forward. This result is a lower spin rate for the driver.  When you strike a golf ball with a less spin and higher launch angle, the result is an increased overall distance.  Due to its adjustability, it has more forgiveness, giving some advantage to beginners.

Cobra Men’s KING F6 Golf Drivers (Adjustable Loft)

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The Cobra KING F6 Drivers feature adjustable ‘Front to Back’ Center of Gravity technology.  You can now dial in your perfect launch and spin conditions to optimize ball flight and maximize distance for your swing.  A front CG position delivers a penetrating ball flight with more roll while a back CG position offers a higher, more towering ball flight with greater forgiveness.  Finally, their MyFly with Smartpad has eight easily adjustable loft settings to manage trajectory to maximize distance on any course, and for any swing.

Pinemeadow 2017 PGX Offset Golf Drivers

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The Pinemeadow PGX is unique, thanks to its offset-technology that reduces the slice by always giving you a square face. It has an attractive matte black finish and a massive sweet spot that ensures maximum forgiveness. For the budget conscious, this lightweight 460cc driver is great for your next round on the green.

Adams Golf Men’s Blue Drivers

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The large 460cc titanium head has the Center of Gravity (CG) location low and as far back as possible to put more spin on the ball.  This provides a nice, high launch angle.  The Adams driver seems aimed at slower swing speed players who want more help getting the ball up and away.  If a light, high launching driver is what you are after, then this is the golf driver for you.

Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 Custom Driver

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Aesthetically, this one looks more like a special edition driver with its black background color and gold detailing. It has an ideal volume of 460 cc, with a titanium head. There are twelve different settings to be achieved with the adjustable hosel. This driver also features a large sweet spot, creating faster speeds and having great forgiveness. It customizability makes it accessible for any beginner or high handicap player.​

Titleist 915 D2

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Titleist is normally known for making equipment targeting low-handicap golfers.  In the past few years, they’ve started expanding their target market to include mid and high handicappers.  The 915 D2 driver is visually impressive, with a sleek dark crown only adorned with a triangle icon over the sweet spot to help with alignment.  It has a typical pear-shaped 460cc clubhead and deep channel running along the sole parallel to the face, which they call the Active Recoil Channel.   The face  shows a large sweet spot area called the Radial Speed face with some horizontal lines running to the toe and heel.   There is more material behind the center of the face vs the outer portions, which maximizes distance for center hits and adds forgiveness to off-center hits to keep your ball in play. The hosel is adjustable to calibrate the loft to your game.

Wilson Staff Men’s D200 Golf Driver

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The Wilson D200 is a great driver with its 460cc head, and a very clean look. It is very light compared to most, only 190 grams, which leads to a possible 234 grams of total weight, depending upon the shaft you select. It has adjustments on the hosel that gives a slight draw bias by allowing you to close the club head, or adjust the loft if you need to get your flight lower or higher.

When searching for golf drivers, golfers should consider distance improvement.  Also important is the loft of the golf club, giving thought to head size, grip, shaft length and flex.  If starting out, stay away from adjustable heads until you are more comfortable hitting with the club accurately.  Otherwise, the sky is the limit on your next golf driver.

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