Golf Tips: Improve Your Chip Shot for Beginners

On the off chance that you need to bring down your golf score as a beginner or recreational golfer, you will want to consider improving your chipping game.  Here are some fundamental golfing tips to improve your chip shots, lower that score and get your ball closer to the hole.

Golfing Tips for chip shots
Practice makes perfect when a chip shot is needed.

Golf Tip: Choke up on the Club

When you chip the ball a short ways, your position needs to change. The club you utilize (from a five to a nine iron or pitching wedge) is considerably shorter than a driver. This implies your hands will be nearer to the ground. Choke up on the club (in other words, you will need to position your hands lower down on the grip, nearer to the steel of the club shaft).

Golf Tip: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

While you are in this lower position, ensure that your knees and hips do the bending and your back stays straight. Slouching over the ball by bringing down your shoulders will hurt your shot. What is more, keep your feet nearer to the ball than you would in a more traditional drive. You will discover this is a more comfortable chipping position and delivers better results.

Golf Tip: Topping Off

With a shorter club, you are probably going to “top” the ball while chipping. The ball winds up sliding over the grass as opposed to delivering the “pop-fly” impact you wanted. It is vital to get under the ball while chipping and create a decent divot. Key tip: To reduce your odds of “topping” the ball, look two inches behind the ball while chipping- this should create the divot you want.

Golf Tip: Taking Control

The key to a decent chip is accuracy. You need to have control over the ball, as much as is possible.  Begin by moving your weight to your left side. A chip will be more controlled without as much power behind it.

Golf Tip: Momentum

For better chipping accuracy, consider this: you need the ball landed and rolling on the green as soon as possible. Shooting for the center of the green may get you close, but the ball may roll off with the shot’s momentum.  Set up a good chip shot by considering the momentum your ball may take after you swing for the green.

Golf Tip: Relax

The chip shot is a relaxed shot. Therefore, your backswing and follow-through should be slow and simple. For close-up shots, in most cases the force of the club’s weight is all your swing needs.

The best thing about honing your chipping skills is that you don’t have to go the driving range. Your backyard is sufficient for golf chip shots. Practice now; you will see promising results.

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