Golf Tips: Improve Your Golf Swing

As your skills grow in your golf game,  it is imperative to sharpen your golf swing.  Your golf game is always in need of skill development, including checking your ball position, tips for your backswing and advice on your down swing.

Ball position golf tips

To make the iron shots precise, take care that you don’t hit the golf ball in a downward manner.  Position the ball in proportion to the stance you have taken so as to achieve a downward shot on the ball.  To hit the iron shots, situate your body in such a way that the ball is at the center point of your stance.  This position works well for the shorter irons, like the 8 and 9 irons, but also works well with the wedges. For the mid irons (the 5, 6 and the 7 irons), put the ball one forward from your center point.  For the fairway clubs (the 3 and the 5 woods and the cross breed clubs, for example), put the ball two forward from your center. Using your driver?  Put the ball three forward from the center of your stance.

Full golf swing tips

In a back swing, pivot the club, keeping your arms and body at the back while moving your body weight to the inside of your back leg. For finishing the back swing, pivot the wrists as they are moving toward the midsection level. While at the highest point- or completion- of the back swing, check that your leading arm is straight and the vast majority of your body weight is still on your back leg. Essential at this point is that your back knee is flexed.  You will find this position quite comfortable if done right. Unsure of how to achieve this stance?  Pivot your shoulders up to 90 degrees while at the top of the back swing and turn your hips 30 degrees.  Again, it should feel smooth and comfortable with practice.

Down golf swing tips
Golf swing
Proceed with the turning of your body even after impact to make your club and arms stretch out towards your target.

A down swing shifts your body weight from the full swing’s back leg to your front leg. This ensures that your hips, arms and your shoulders will likewise take the shifting of your weight. Take care that your head is behind the ball. Proceed with the turning of your body even after impact to make your club and arms stretch out towards your target.

If you are serious about improving your game, trying these golf tips is a good investment in time and effort.  With practice, your skills and experience in a good full, back, or down swing will progress.  Good luck!