Golf Tips: Practice Golf at Home

Golfing is such the perfect balance of skill and leisure in a sport that you can feel accomplished both physically and mentally by the end of the game. Unfortunately, golf also requires good outdoor weather to play, as there are not many indoor courses. What happens if you want to practice your game, but mother nature is not cooperating? We have got the tips to show you how to practice golf at home so that you will not have to give up a perfectly good golfing weekend because of the weather.

Items Needed To Practice Golf at Home

First, you can use items that are laying around your house already, or you can purchase extra equipment to give you better results. In the end, it depends on how serious you are about practicing in your spare time, and whether your goal is to improve your game or to simply pass the time. Therefore, when looking over the list of materials, you can decide which pieces are worth the added expense, and which can be substituted. For your convenience, substitutions have been placed in parenthesis next to the “professional” options.

Golf Clubs
Putting Green (or a cup on carpet)
​Driving Net (or a large rug)
​Swing Trainer
​Basketball or Football
Chipping Basket (or  a wastebasket or bucket)

For this tutorial, we will separate the steps by which golf trainings you will be practicing. For example, exercises that work on your putting will be in one section, your golf stance will be another, and so on. As you can decide how involved you want your equipment to be, you can also choose the training sections that are most important to you and focus on them.

Practice Golf at Home: Putting

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If you want to purchase a putting green, it will help simulate the real deal more appropriately, but if you have thin or tight pile carpeting you can spare, it can be a good stand-in. Shag carpets or thick pile rugs will not be conducive to your putter- unless, of course, you need putting practice from the rough. You could also be creative and simulate a few hazards or bonus features, but all you need is something long and with a hole at the end. Spread the carpet or green on a flat surface on which to putt, as having bumps or inclines will throw off your game.

Finally, pick something small like a cup or glass on its side and try to hit your balls into it. If you really want to practice your aim, set up a few different holes and then aim into each one from the same place.


Practice Golf at Home: Chipping

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When you have to chip your shot, it is nice to have a good idea of what you are doing, and practicing this shot at home is actually ideal. However, you do have to make sure that you are not going to damage your flooring or your club. In this case, thick carpeting will be your friend, but you can reuse your putting green.

The best way to practice your chip shot is to set up your chipping basket (or a bucket or wastebasket) face up and hit as many balls into it as possible. For best results, change the placement and the distance so that you can practice hitting them close and far away. Just be sure that any breakables are out of your way.

Practice Golf at Home: Driving

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The most challenging practice to do at home, driving the ball requires a lot of space, and it could be dangerous depending on your setup. Training with a proper driving net or a swing trainer so that you can hit with impunity is your best option.

When practicing your drive, a swing trainer is also an excellent way to test your strength, but a net will give you the feeling of hitting the ball- your choice.  However, if you have an old rug laying around and you have some way to hang it up (perhaps across a clothesline), then you can hit your balls into this makeshift net. We recommend testing your driving capabilities carefully at first, however, before you get too caught up in the moment.


Practice Golf at Home: Swing Positioning

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This is where the basketball or football comes into play. Instead of holding a club, grip your ball with both hands and practice your swing position. Your forearms will not rotate if you do your swing properly, and the lines of the ball will still be aligned with your head. If you use a basketball, make sure the lines are straight in front. With a football, use the laces as a guide.

Best of all, you can also use the ball to check your release. You work the release position in the same way, but as you swing out, release and check the angle lines of the ball. This will ensure that you are aiming straight and not cutting to one side or the other.

Practice Golf at Home: Improve Your Indoor Course

With these exercises at hand, there is no reason not to practice your golf game at home.  Most of these practices will be fun to do, and they can involve the whole family.   Get creative, even when you cannot get outdoors, and get golfing!