Golf Tips: Ten Proven Tips to Beat the Summer Heat on the Course

It is just another blistering day on the golf course. The temperature is expected to exceed ninety degrees fahrenheit and a heat index at fifty-five percent or more. You try your best to beat the summer heat, yet sweat drips into your eyes as you see two balls on the green.  You wipe sweat from your brow as your golf ball rims the cup.

What do you do next?

First, step into the shade and wipe off all that sweat.  Although it cools you off, it is hampering your vision and your mental attitude. Next, take a sip or two of water – you need to rehydrate or it is off to the clubhouse.

Here are a few more tips to beat the summer heat out on the golf course:

3. Towel off. Keep a clean towel with an ice bucket handy for dabbing face and neck.

4. Bug spray. Heat usually promotes bugs, stingers, biters on the golf course.  You may not even realize you are getting bitten, as sweat allows bugs to hang on easily to your clothes and skin.

5. Use sunscreen.  The burn you receive when your partner takes away your lead with a birdie to your par should be the only type of suffering you should have today.

6.Wear a hat.  Just wearing a visor will still allow in the sun to burn the top of your head.

7.Ice your drinks. Freeze a couple of bottles of water the previous night so that they defrost slowly over your round.

8.Change up your tee time. Try to get out for an early morning or twilight round of golf.  After all, the sun does not agree with everyone.

9. Golf Apparel. Bring at least one additional golf glove for sweaty palms. In addition, wear a moisture-wicking shirt.

10. Finally, Keep cool- in your mind. Think cool thoughts while standing in the shade and focus your mind on your next shot – visualization will keep you in the present and not thinking about the sun’s rays.