Golfing Glove Love: Top Rated Golf Gloves

Unfortunately, finding the best golf gloves are a unique challenge. As with most other golf accessories, there are a plethora of choices. Even the reasoning behind your glove purchase can be overwhelming.  It is not just about finding the best grip, but also made of the best material.  Which one fits the weather and terrain you most often play in matters.  Certainly finding a golf glove that will hold up more than just a few rounds is a necessity.

There are definitely a few must-see features for golf gloves.  Hopefully, you will feel confident to make an educated purchase after checking out our categories below.  Of course, beginners, do not forget: if you are a right handed golfer, buy for your left hand, and vice versa!

Golf Gloves: Fit

Obviously, the most important feature of shopping for a golf glove is fit.  If the glove is too snug, you will not want to keep it on for long, and you are likely to not wear it at all. While it might be initially more comfortable if it is a loose fit, the glove will bunch up and prevent you from being flush with your club grip.

Golf Gloves: Material

Leather golf gloves are the most popular today. They are soft and provide tight grip, even when wet. Synthetic leathers are suitably affordable, but leather gloves have been known to be more stylish. Leather also lasts longer than synthetic materials.

If you want the best material for the best price, look for gloves that are constructed with genuine leather on the thumb and palm of the hand. If the top of the glove is constructed with something else, such as mesh for breathability, this will lower the overall cost while still providing superior grip.

Golf Gloves: Environment

Not all gloves are weatherproof- consider your climate when you purchase your gloves.  The same goes for temperature: if you are shopping for the best glove for sweaty hands, you will not want something that is made entirely of leather. Instead, look for gloves that advertise moisture-wicking materials or mesh for breathability.  Winter golf gloves are a category of their own, as cold hands are useless to a solid grip. The best golf glove for rainy days should also advertise moisture-wicking material of some kind. Invariably, golf gloves need to keep your grip from slipping when wet, as well as keep your fingers dry and warm inside.

Top Five Golf Gloves

Grip Boost Golf Second Skin Cabretta Leather Men’s Golf Glove

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  • Second Skin provides the highest quality cabretta leather palm for enhanced grip, comfort and durability in all weather conditions.
  • Made with mesh backing to drive moisture out to keep hand dry and cool.
  • Perforations on palm fingers to increase ventilation.
  • Adjustable closure provides secure fit.

Obviously, Grip Boost named these gloves to be very straightforward. They are made with a leather palm and mesh backing to keep your hands dry. Grip Boost men’s golf gloves are also one of the best priced golf gloves, with bargains typically under $20.

Callaway Golf 2017 Men’s OptiColor Leather Glove

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  • Full leather construction, perforated palm and fingers for breathability
  • An optifeel closure and bright colors make Callaway’s Opticolor Glove the best choice for performance and fashion

This is the only glove on our list that is constructed entirely of leather material. It is available in multiple colors, which is a bonus for anyone wanting to boost their golfing fashion. Of course, even if having colored golf gloves is not a must, these are too fashionably good to pass up.

Bionic Gloves –Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove

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  • Three dimensional pads wrap around sides of fingers to even out surface between fingers as well as the palm side for a more stable grip on the club
  • Bionic patented pad technology provides 2X more durability than standard leather golf gloves and helps retain new glove feel round after round
  • Tapered finger design conforms to the individual shape of your fingers for a more natural fit
  • Mini towels inside provide superior moisture management to keep the hand drier and more comfortable
  • Easy grab tab makes glove removal simple and quick

These gloves are extremely intricate in design that they take care of all requirements you need from a great golf glove. The pad technology for the Bionic golf glove is patented, meaning there are not any other gloves around quite like this. Subsequently, the fingers are tapered for comfort, and the interior is fitted with towel material to help with moisture.

TaylorMade All Weather Glove

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  • Premium synthetic materials provide superior fit and durable performance in all weather conditions
  • Leather palm and thumb help enhance feel
  • Engineered perforation for comfortable breathability
  • Stretch Lycra panels ensure custom, optimal fit
  • Stretch fit wrist lining

TaylorMade has its name all over golf gear for a good reason.  In addition, their All Weather Glove is is made with leather and synthetic materials that help the glove stay consistent in grip no matter what the climate is.

TaylorMade Women’s Ribbon Golf Glove

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  • AAA Cabretta leather palm
  • Stretch Lycra panels for custom fit
  • Engineered perforation for breathability
  • Ergonomic pull tab

Finally, TaylorMade constructs most of their gloves with a leather palm and thumb for style and comfort. These particular gloves have stretch lyrca panels that compress the hand and make the glove extremely comfortable. The TaylorMade women’s golf gloves are available in a range of sizes and colors, and easily made our top five list.

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